“When I was told that this trip would be a life changing experience I wondered then I went to Kathmandu!  For me that is exactly what happened.  I would like to thank all those who helped to make it so, the organisers who could not have done more for me, the accommodation was excellent and nothing was spared for our comfort, the guides who explained everything so well and enabled me to ‘trek’ the Old Kathmandu Road, the elephants who took us deep into the jungle and the interesting travelling companions who helped to make this journey of a life time. I have yet to mention the Children’s Welfare Centre with which was at the heart of our visit, the joy of the children who have so little in material terms but have so much more than some of our children in this First World Country of ours. A special thank you to Rina and her staff who showed us such kindness and at the end of our stay helped the children to put on such a wonderful display for us. It was the people that made it for me”. Angela

“This was my first trip with 5W. It was fantastic, the best group I have travelled with to date. Thanks ladies one and all. Nepal is such a stunningly beautiful country. Scenery like I’ve not seen before.  Cassie and Nene organized such a wonderful tour covering so much of this beautiful country. The people of Nepal were gentle and so appreciative. The kiddies at CWC delightful. We had so much fun with them at the party watching them enjoy the games and of course the fairy bread and Vegemite. The day with them at the fun park and the wonderful concert they organized for us.  So much fun!”  Sue (Western Australia)

Just a few lines? Wow! One of the most memorable trips I’ve ever done. Amazing friendships forged. Incredible places travelled. Beautiful local people, showing such kindness and generosity. Highlights? The village people, particularly children we met along the way, the children at CWC, sunrise over the Annapurna Range, Bhaktapur, the Peace Pagoda, elephant ride and of course my Paragliding!!!! The kindness and support I received from all of you, the staff at KGH, Santosh and the Tilganga Eye Centre I find difficult to acknowledge sufficiently, so I’ll just say THANKS.   Christina (Western Australia)

“This trip held many firsts for me – first time to a third world country, first 5W trip, first close encounter with an orphanage (and elephants!), and first time travelling with a group of “strangers. Nepal was more than I expected and Cassie & Nene did an amazing job with the organization. Meeting Mummy, Rena and the gorgeous children at CWC was definitely the highlight – CWC do an amazing job. There were definitely no strangers by the end of the trip, and I’m inspired by the get-up-and go attitude of this amazing group of women. Definitely an experience of a lifetime!” Leonie, Gold Coast

“There is a saying “looking, but not seeing”, which can be used to describe much of traveling today.  The Nepal 5W trip was much more than that.  We had the opportunity to really see more than historical sites.  We had the opportunity to interact with the amazing workers and children at the Children’s Welfare Center (CWC). Even though some of the workers at CWC didn’t speak English, their smiles and warmth said volumes about the gentle nature of the Nepalis we met. This was reflected when they taught us how to make about 300 Momos, a small vegetable filled, steamed mini dumpling to be gobbled down by adults and children alike. It was also humbling to be thought of as “Sisters” by the children.  They welcomed you right into their tight knit family. Then there was the patience of Mummy as she led us on a longer and more challenging than expected trek into the environs around the CWC. Thanks to Cassie and Nene for such organizing such an eye opening trip and the opportunity to meet and make new friends with fellow 5W travelers. Being one of two “Americans” amongst a throng of “Aussies” I really appreciated the exchange of perceptions about our two large and diverse countries. Hopefully I changed a few perceptions of us North Americanos”. (I really wish there was another word than Americans, as all citizens of South and Central America and Canada are technically American.  Oh well) Sandy 5W Minnesota, USA

“It was for me a first to travel with a group of strangers and women.  And it was lots of fun.  The highlight was the children, and seeing them at home, the party and in the Fun Park. It is great that they spoke English. That was a surprise. The Nepalese people were so nice and helpful.  Loved the cups of tea with shopkeepers . Our unexpected visit to the Eye hospital and the intraocular lenses factory was also an eye opener (sorry for the pun). The Staff from Sydney Eye hospital (where I work as a volunteer) go to Kathmandu as well.   All the historic and cultural buildings.  Wow, I was very surprised that the Nepal goddess was a child, who is worshipped till she reaches puberty. The museum in Patan was the most beautiful museum I have ever seen.  A great experience.   Inez 5W Sydney NSW

“Nepal never ceases to amaze me, each visit finds something different.  Kathmandu:  the crowds, traffic chaos, sights, sounds and smells plus cows, dogs and monkeys.  Godavar:  peaceful countryside, rice paddies, the Children’s Home, beautiful smiles, hugs and little hands holding tightly onto yours, laughter and singing. Pokhara:  the sunrise over the majestic snow covered Annapurna mountain range, peaceful lakes with gliding boats, monasteries. Lumbini:  birthplace of Buddha, enlightenment, world collection of temples. Chitwan:  floating with the crocodiles down the mist-covered river early morning. Stalking rhinos on foot through the jungle, crashing through the jungle on the elephants back. Oxen cart ride to local village, observing their hard way of life. No matter where you go there are always happy smiling faces. I will be back.” Nene 5W Gold Coast Queensland and Tour Leader!